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Paula Krentzel created the Distancing in 2017. She and Jennifer collaborated and further developed the technique. Together they began teaching the Distancing Technique at regional EMDR groups in 2018. In 2021 Paula and Jennifer presented the Distancing at both the EMDRIA Conference and at EMDR Canada. At that time, both Jennifer and Paula began using the Distancing with clients diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorders. Together they understood that the next step in teaching the Distancing was the integration of Ego State Therapy with the protocol. In 2022 Paula and Jennifer added two courses, Distancing and Ego State and Distancing with Children.

Both Jennifer and Paula are EMDRIA consultants and also noticed the challenge their consultees had in finding a course that integrates both EMDR and Ego State therapy. Again the two collaborated and developed their first ten-month course on Ego State and EMDR- working with complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders course.


Together Jennifer and Paula have plans for additional courses, such as Ego State with Children and Adolescents and the Integration of AEDP and EMDR.



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